Thursday, 9 January 2014


Howdy one-and-all!

Apologies for the lack of updates for the last few weeks.  The traditional pre-Christmas deadline crunch meant that I had to devote my STARLOGGED time to extra hours at work.

Then the Christmas/ New Years period meant my mind - and body - were elsewhere.

And 2014 has seen another spike in work which, once again, is gobbling up my free time.

Usual service will be resumed in the near future.

Take care!

ITEM - REVOLUTIONARY WAR hit the stores this week.  I've got my copy (and the variant cover version too), although I've not had a chance to read it yet, so be sure to seek it out.  The DARK ANGEL one-shot ships next week.

ITEM - It was announced over Christmas that - predictably - STAR WARS comics will be coming home in 2015 when the license moves in-house and shifts from Dark Horse to Disney subsidery the House of Ideas.  No one saw that coming…

ITEM - Brits can go Partwork-crazy at the moment with new launches of a STAR WARS reference work (which looks suspiciously similar to one that appeared a few years ago and will go instantly out-of-date when the new TV shows and movies start to hit), another series of MARVEL HARDBACK GRAPHIC NOVELS (this time themed around characters and teams) and a MARVEL CHESS PIECE collection.  The first issues of all three are out now and discounted to lure in the punters.  There's no sign of a national release for the very promising sounding GERRY ANDERSON hardback graphic novels, reprinting the back catalogue of strip adaptations, yet… which is a shame.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

1992: NIGHT RAVEN: HOUSE OF CARDS House Ad (Marvel UK)

This is a nice, appropriately noir, advert for the second edition of MARVEL UK's revival of NIGHT RAVEN: HOUSE OF CARDS.

The Graphic Novel had already appeared once, with a different cover, to little fanfare a couple of years earlier (a serialised reprint in STRIP was nixed when the anthology was unexpectedly cancelled the issue before the run was due to start) but was dusted off for another edition as part of Paul Neary's attempts to exploit the (minimal) M-UK back catalogue during the GENESIS 92 era.

Either edition is worth grabbing…


The 1991 DOCTOR WHO WINTER SPECIAL, from MARVEL UK, had a U.N.I.T theme with an inevitable tilt towards the Pertwee era (including a nice new seven-page comic strip, by Dan Abnett and Brian Williamson, pitting the dandy Doc against the Master).

Another nice touch was a cutaway (in the EAGLE, TV CENTURY 21 tradition) of the "Alien" (aka The Whomobile), Pertwee's indulgence as rendered by Lee Sullivan.

Text fiction came courtesy of Abnett and Colin Baker.  Yup, the sixth Doctor tried to make amends for a lack of U.N.I.T action in his truncated run by crafting his own encounter with the Brigadier.

The remaining pages were filled-out with the usual excellent articles readers had, by 1991, come to expect from the magazine.

- To Be Continued - 


DEATH'S HEAD II GOLD marked Liam Sharp's return to the Mech-Merc after a brief leave of absence, this time as both writer and artist.

DHIIG (phew!) should (AFAIK) have been a new quarterly companion to the ongoing main book, in the spirit of Marvel's Unlimited Books (including Frontier Comics Unlimited).  Unfortunately, it inadvertently became a one-shot as the GENESIS IMPLOSION took hold.

The same artwork graced the cover, complete with enhancements but its nice to see it in all its pre-fiddling glory!


Another dip into the EAGLE archive this week (thanks g23), this time the 1987 issues with a June Cover-date.

Nice bit of synergy on the first one… even if it does feel like a few months too early…

- To Be Continued - 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Bored?  Stuck on a backwater swamp world with only an irritating hand puppet for company?

How about passing those long damp evenings, after romping around all day elevating things and confronting your suppressed inner demons, by building this Battle of Hoth (ahh, happy days!) STAR WARS snap-together model kit from MPC.

This stateside advert appeared in US MARVEL COMICS dated February 1982.


Is that a Hulk in your Underoos… or just a hand puppet?

More late-seventies licensed bits-and-bobs courtesy of the folks at Heroes World.

The artwork here is - ahem - interesting.  The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA figures, which never looked much like their screen counterparts, are rendered even more rubbish here (and don't mention the colour scheme… I guess the designer deemed Colonial brown too dull for an eye-catching ad) and there's something rather cute about a fat-faced Hulk who looks like he's stuffed his cheeks for a game of Fluffy Bunny.

This appeared in MARVEL US books in 1979.

1986: REDFOX (Harrier Comics)

REDFOX, Pint-puller turned Barbarian, was one of the brightest (and best-selling) stars in the short-lived HARRIER COMICS firmament (although I much preferred CONQUEROR, the Star Trek wannabe, which I've covered in previous posts), notching-up ten issues from Martin Lock's mid-eighties up-start and a further ten from Valkyrie Press.

There were also two Trade Paperback collections from Harrier which I've not seen for many years, suggesting a low print run and some degree of scarcity.

The early issues of the Harrier run repeated the Conqueror trick of reworking material that had already had an outing in fanzines (in this case, the self-published - by creator 'Fox' - Redfox 'zine) before embarking on freshly-minted strips.


Think of it as a missing page from THE OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE…

THE MICRONAUTS were firmly established as mainstays of the late seventies/ early eighties Marvel Universe (gosh, they even featured in a four-issue team-up with the X-Men which crossed the Atlantic in the pages of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL), regularly featuring guest-shots by other Marvel characters (a win-win situation: kids who liked the toys might be tempted to pick-up other Marvel books whilst Marvel fans, predisposed to giving the licensed book a wide berth might be motivated to pick it up to see what another character was doing).  Only Rom (another MCU interloper) was off-limits.

Until Marvel scrapped the series, to make way for the ill-fated NEW UNIVERSE, and surrendered the license.  Suddenly, like the aforementioned Space Knight, Godzilla, The Transformers and others, it was as if the 'nauts never lived.

This, a one-page guide to their ship the Endeavor, is the sort of thing that - a few years later - would have been a Handbook mainstay.  It appeared in the 4th issue, cover-dated April 1979.

I'm sure a b&w variation of this page also appeared in MARVEL UK's STAR WARS WEEKLY at some point.

Monday, 9 December 2013


Marvel UK's belated decision to publish MARVEL SUPER HEROES SECRET WARS created a few continuity problems for the Annex of Ideas.

Their predilection to stick rigidly to reprints from (at least) a decade earlier meant that even loyal British readers who'd followed the various launches and closures of the previous few years would still be none-the-wiser about recent developments in the Marvel Universe outside the Spider-verse.

With so many characters, including some entirely unfamiliar ones (unless you were one of the loyal Marvelites who grabbed the US imports from select newsagents), Redan Place had to bring readers up-to-speed.

This DAILY BUGLE cover (which appeared as a double-page spread) was one such way, as seen in the first issue of the British edition in April 1985.

Also below is the first War Office Memos, the editorial page for the new fortnightly.  And - of course - the cover, which reworked the uber-familiar artwork from the first US issue (which also graced the cover of the one-and-only SW annual).

I've posted about the Secret Wars several times before so follow the link below for more Beyonder-themed goodies...

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